50 Year Shelf Life
No more expired water to rotate

Stackable Pallets
Reduces much needed floor space

Stays Pure and Great Tasting
Won’t get bad taste in a hot vehicle

Quantum Purified Water
No need to boil or filter

Opens easily and consumed
Easy to use pop-top cans

Rapid Hydration
Extremely important in an emergency

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging
Aluminum Cans are the most recycled material

Blue Cans and Logo


Standard Case Pack: 24-12oz (354.88 ml) units
Gallons/Case: 2.25 Gallons  (8.51 Liters)
Case Dimensions: 16"L x 10.6"W x 5.5"H  (Mnfr Part No. 598BCW12C)
Case Weight: 20.2 lbs.  (9.16 Kg)
Standard Pallet: 100 Cases/2400 individual units  (Mnfr Part No. 598BCW100P)
Gallons/Pallet: 225   (851.7 liters)
Pallet Dimensions: 48"L x 40"W x 69"H
Pallet Configuration: 9 cases/tier x 11 tiers/ +1 case in middle chute
Pallet Weight: 2055 lbs.  (932 Kg)
Storage Temperature: 34 degrees F to + 130 degrees F (1C to +55C)
Water: Purified and commercially sterile drinking water - Reverse Osmosis and Ozonation/UV Light
Packaging: Water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water, with a 50 year shelf life.  Units are made of corrosion resistant aluminum and are hermetically sealed.

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