24-Pack of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

24-Pack of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

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1 Case - 12 oz of water per can - 24 cans per case - 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • Pure Fresh Taste, Hermetically Sealed, Purified with 12-Step Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Light Treatment, Eco Friendly Packaging, Tested BPA Free, No Chlorine or Flouride.

  • The #1 Emergency Drinking Water in the World
  • How Long is our Emergency Drinking Water Shelf Life?
  • Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water lasts 50 years from the time it is made!
  • Blue Can is the ONLY brand to bring you cans that have a lab-certification to show proof that they can last 50 years! Thus making it the best Emergency Drinking Water money can buy!
  • Our cans still taste great even after leaving them in a hot car! This is because our cans do not leach plastic and other chemicals into the water, leaving a funny aftertaste like plastic bottles.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Customer Service and Great Product!

    Extremely pleased with product and customer service. FedEx delivered to the wrong address and Brandon Jones, Blue Can’s Sales Director almost immediately responded to my email to offer help. A neighbor received our package and brought it over so I did not need Brandon’s help but I was impressed with Blue Can’s customer service! I will purchase more in the future!

    good water, didn't like the shipping cost

    UPDATE: I heard from the company regarding my email (i used the form on their site) to let me know they never received it. They are going to track down what happened to it. I very much appreciate the fact that they reached out.

    I didn't notice that the shipping cost almost doubled the cost of the order. I sent an email to try an cancel the order once I noticed this, but never heard back from the company. Water arrived. It is fine and stored under a bed. But will not order again.

    Never Have To Worry Again!

    It is very reassuring not to have to replace my emergency water supplies. Even better is the can. No plastic!

    Fast delivery

    50 years on this bluecan water you won't go wrong. I would recommended this to everyone.
    Thank you!

    Great water

    When my husband was alive we had our own business and it was drilling water wells. This is great tasting water.