24-Pack of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

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1 Case - 12 oz of water per can - 24 cans per case - 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • Pure Fresh Taste, Hermetically Sealed, Purified with 12-Step Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Light Treatment, Eco Friendly Packaging, Tested BPA Free, No Chlorine or Flouride.

  • The #1 Emergency Drinking Water in the World
  • How Long is our Emergency Drinking Water Shelf Life?
  • Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water lasts 50 years from the time it is made!
  • Blue Can is the ONLY brand to bring you cans that have a lab-certification to show proof that they can last 50 years! Thus making it the best Emergency Drinking Water money can buy!
  • Our cans still taste great even after leaving them in a hot car! This is because our cans do not leach plastic and other chemicals into the water, leaving a funny aftertaste like plastic bottles.
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