24-Pack of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

24-Pack of Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

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1 Case - 12 oz of water per can - 24 cans per case - 2.25 gallons of water per case
  • Pure Fresh Taste, Hermetically Sealed, Purified with 12-Step Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, UV Light Treatment, Eco Friendly Packaging, Tested BPA Free, No Chlorine or Flouride.

  • The #1 Emergency Drinking Water in the World
  • How Long is our Emergency Drinking Water Shelf Life?
  • Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water lasts 50 years from the time it is made!
  • Blue Can is the ONLY brand to bring you cans that have a lab-certification to show proof that they can last 50 years! Thus making it the best Emergency Drinking Water money can buy!
  • Our cans still taste great even after leaving them in a hot car! This is because our cans do not leach plastic and other chemicals into the water, leaving a funny aftertaste like plastic bottles.
  • Customer Reviews

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    Spectacular Customer Service

    Ordered a case and received several dented cans although packaging and shipping container had no visible signs of damage. Customer service contacted and replacements sent out immediately. 5 STARS ! Thank you

    Cost of shipping

    Pricing of water is not bad and expected for what one is getting but shipping cost is nuts. You all might want to work on that.

    Maddie B.
    Best Emergency Water

    This water is a smart choice to have in case of an emergency. It tastes great, and can last up to 50 years which is insane! We keep a couple cases in our garage and it withstands the heat. I would recommend everyone purchasing some just to protect yourself and your family.